Toy Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Objavljeno 8. feb. 2021
Toys are fun, trick shots are awesome... Toy Trick Shots are AMAZING!
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  • love you guys for reallllllll

  • 2:08 the boys in my class did this constantly everytime we couldn't go outside. It was admittedly pretty amusing to watch.

  • I love this bro I’m still in my child hood so I would love to do this

  • 4:22 it feels different watching this after watching Ty suffer in the DP+ video

  • love dp

  • 00:42 i actually felt like i had water in my ears

  • Oh, I love when people do that with hotweels, also, the Dude Perfect channel is great!

  • That should have a prank war

  • You made a promise with may or may not one person from DP tour. You kept it! You guys are amazing!

  • Beyblade

  • amazing amazing

  • I know that slap band hurt really bad

  • Who here is an og

  • Me while watching the hotwheels intro I wish I had vr

  • childhood memories coming back

  • Hotwheels pov

  • 0:53 when the rc car was driving by it was so cool that is the cooles hot wheels track iv'e ever seen bro dude this was amazing it just looked so cool!!!

  • All those toys are my dream when I was a child

  • Beyblade SO cul

  • Dude perfect has the best editors who always make sure the trick shots go with the song beat...

  • 3:35 sorry to say that this is not a toy trick shot if it is connect four then that would have been better

  • You guys done it again

  • Is ty actually leaving

  • Nice video


  • Wow.

  • How many world records do you hold?

  • Worlds longest chain reaction

  • Where the celebrations at tho seems so chill now

  • Please try to teach some tricks in videos , please please please for me and every fan

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  • Hi. I am from India 🇮🇳. My name is Aarushi 🙂

  • 3:45 When your home alone...

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  • I’m starting to think panda is not a real panda

  • I dont if the others ate toys HAHAHAHA

  • Eu sou o único brasileiro aqui???

  • Awesome amazing

  • Some of these prove that some toys can be dangerous

  • Hi

  • best trip of my life

  • Quem veio pelo persima

  • can you guys do a hockey video

  • I would want to guess that the majority of the toys in this video are from their kids.

  • 1:45 Mclovin

  • I’m am expecting a OT today(it’s monday)

  • Awesome trick shots

  • ^^

  • plz support my gaming chanel i want only 100 subscribe

  • Why did they lost so many subscribers

  • My son loves you guys to he's watched all of your videos

  • A suggestion for your next trick shot song: Reasons by Hulvey (Maybe? hehe )

  • Make toy trick shots 2

  • Just think what would have happened even if they messes up I single part in it , they would have had to to the entire thing all over again

  • This is what happens when you take ad too seriously

  • Your video quality is worse than a 1920's movie

  • The well-off anatomy inexplicably drum because basketball contradictorily wriggle throughout a hollow bathroom. malicious, right sociology

  • who is the new member

  • The last shot took you almost 2 hrs

  • Tell me 888-888-8888 tell me 888888888888888 AAA AAA 8888888888888-8888

  • What happened to 2020 rewind?

  • Now this is why I learn a trick shot

  • 😜😜😜👌👌👌

  • When you run out of ideas

  • How do they not get a copyright claim

  • 🔥🔥🔥 startedd in 2011 warchn now im here

  • The start of the video is more like a toys race track or hot wheels beat that!

  • Bro dude perfect I really cool this is nice ride they are so creative and cool that’s why there are perfect

  • Cool

  • please sweat walk on my konal I shoot a rabbit

  • Oh how I miss the Slap Bracelet days

  • You make excellent videos ,but I don't understand why your views are decreasing day by day

  • Wow amazing

  • You should make it but in 360• for the beginning

  • H

  • You I am a SLcdr it's name is monster Hunter

  • Wow

  • do you have beyblade

  • The first 1:05 is amazing

  • man that felt so cool in the beginning my dream xd

  • The slap bracelet one was the sickest and idk why

  • Let's get dude perfect to have as much subscribers to pewdiepie

  • My parents told me that if I reach 2k subscribers this year, I will get a pro gaming set up. So a sub would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Wow


  • Lets just appreciate how creative they have to be

  • Your very last video should be unmasked panda 🐼 costume!

  • Mais mdrr y'a rien de fou dans la vidéo la ça devient du foutage de gueule leurs trickshots

  • 2:25 .... no

  • I like the burps How Tie Gives up

  • Where do perfect and welcome to Toy trick shots here we go

  • Dude perfect

  • I love toys Do you

  • You can also see my videos I have among us hot wheels Hot wheel crashing into you each other Can I have brick domino's

  • I love hot wheels I have a lot of hot wheels

  • But I can't get your game because I have a tablet

  • My dad got COVID and I tested negative

  • when u cant afford mario kart

  • Can you do candy truck shots cuz my SLcd channel is about candy Btw this is the YT account

  • Hot wheels track is like me heading to the southern highlands